Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sheet music

6.12.10 - This is probably my oldest and most used music book. I love playing the Venetian Gondola Boat Song (Op 30 No. 6) by Felix Mendelssohn because it's in a minor key (F# I believe) and I love minor songs. Songs in a minor key - to me- are like pictures in high contrast: much more interesting if done correctly and harder to pull off, but intriguing if you can.

Look at my book! It is falling apart. So sad. Every time I play through it, a piece falls or gets torn off.

For Elise (Bagatelle No.25 in A minor). She must have been a special girl for Beethoven to name this piece in her honor. Romantic. Music fact of the day: Fur Elise was found and published 40 years after Beethoven died.

6/8 is a difficult time signature...especially in A major/F# minor. I hated counting aloud during piano lessons...well, actually I rarely counted (6/8: one and a, two and a...) during practice sessions and then all of a sudden, in the presence of my strict Russian piano teachers, I counted like a pro. Ha.

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