Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caramel candy

250 degrees? That is hot! Stirring this for an hour was quite a task.
5.15.10 - Jonny, Mary and I decided to make caramel candy one evening. We began our four-hour evening by gathering supplies but after we realized the candy thermometer we had just bought wasn't working, Jonny and Mary returned to Cub Foods to exchange it while I parked myself in front of the hot stove constantly stirring bubbling caramel with one hand and sipping some vino with the other.

Pre-oven shot of caramel goodness.

Yummy. We got two Ziplock bags of caramel out of that pan. We wrapped the caramel in wax paper and it took a few tries to perfect the technique, but by the end my fingers and hands were really greasy because we made that caramel really buttery; I can't really complain though - I ate about a dozen pieces of candy that night because it was so good. It was my first time making caramel and I thought was a cool process, but it most definitely a lot of work. After hours of stirring and wrapping, I was exhausted and needed a shower. I asked my little brother, Jonny, what he thought of the whole thing and he said, "it was alright." I brought one bag of caramels home and over the course of a half-a-day, the entire batch disappeared. Apparently, my family must have thought the candy was alright too.

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