Monday, June 28, 2010

Rainy morning at the farmers' market

Winter hours: Saturday from 9 to 12AM?!
5.21.10 - Bright and early Saturday morning Mary, Mumsy, Jonny, Danielle and I went to the St. Paul Farmers' Market. It was raining and everything was wet, so I hurriedly snapped pictures trying to keep warm and stay dry,

Next time I'll take my time and get more angles, but being cold and wet is not a state I feel comfortable photographing in at all.

Scariest thing I saw at the market. What kid wants a clown at a birthday party? They are slightly terrifying.

Look at this adorable flower! Looks like a Red Hat society kind of plant, doesn't it?

Hmmm. So good. I've had some of this maple syrup before and it is really yummy. A gallon looks huge though, that must last a year!

A really awesome gourmet muffin. I usually only like eating the tops, but I had to eat more than just the frosting this time because it was so rich and let's be real, I love rich desserts.

We don't need a plastic bag, we brought our cool reusable bag. I'm all about the cloth bags. They fit so much more items in, are greener and the handles don't break.

I've heard good things about Simply Gelato, but when we got there selection was lacking. It was too cold for me to have any, but next time I shall get some.

Organic soap that smelled nice. Mumsy bought some cool scented ones and they were so cute.

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