Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clouds and silhouettes

5.30.10 - One evening I was outside my house and I looked up and saw this. I really like silhouettes, but I never play with them enough in my photography. I should really work on that.

After dealing with a damaged BlackBerry since Thanksgiving, my cell phone finally stopped working for me and I had to get a new one. I got a BB Bold yesterday and I love it. T-Mobile's 3G is cool. I know there is a 4G, but I went from no G to 3G so it's quite an improvement for me.

My high school reunion is coming up. I know it's only been five years, but I guess everyone wants to trade stories on how we all have four-year degrees, are living back home and are working meh jobs. Fun! Hopefully a lot of my friends will show up and that will be cool.

I've got a new freelance gig and I just spent a half-week "vacationing" with my nephew at my sister-in-laws. P.S. My nephew is SO CUTE.

Oh, and after a few weeks of thinking about this, I've decided to make it official. The new and improved me no longer participates in the MN nice nonsense that I keep getting dragged into. I will say what I think and confront people who need it. This is my effort to be less passive aggressive, although I usually am not, but it's just better to be honest - AND it totally helps with communication and the sustaining of relationships. What do you think?

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