Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My afternoon in detox

5.24.10 - And by detox, I mean foot detox. This adventure began when Mary saw a local news anchor's comedic experimentation with foot detoxification. Mary told me about it, I saw the news spot and we both decided to check it out - especially after we learned that if we mentioned that we heard about the ionCleanse foot treatment on TV, we would get a 50% discount.

Mom, Mary and I went to the Aurora Spa in St. Louis Park and let's just say, the spa was not at all what we thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a "I'm at the spa, darling," but it was more of a mini-spa-in-the-wall.

Above and below: The ionCleanse machine. Our setting: Volts = 19.60, Amps = 2.23...whatever that means.

I bet you can't wait to discover what my color was.

My mom's color was orange (purifying the joints).

Part of the abstract I read while waiting out my 45 minute foot detox.
I forgot to meditate! Maybe that's why I didn't feel differently after?

Sexy! My color was yellow-green/brown/orange with black flecks which is just a hot mess. Apparently the ionCleanse purified my kidney, bladder, liver, joints and extracted some heavy metals out of my system. Ugh. It looks bad, but it didn't smell like anything.

Probably totally unrelated, but my feet got really itchy and irritated during this process. I also think that they should rinse the client's feet off before starting the foot detox, especially considering that I had lotion on my feet that had little flecks of gold in it.

Notice all the particles in the water? All of ours looked like that too, but the camera picked it up better against her skin tone. I think Mary had some foamy white and some other colors that I don't remember.

"Color is produced even if there are no feet in the water." Hmm hmmm.
We washed everything down the drain, rinsed our feet and hit the street. Contrary to the brochure (you may feel tired, lighter or energetic), I didn't feel differently at all, but for $15 it was an interesting one-time experience. I was not impressed, mostly because there was only one ionCleanse machine and so it took nearly three hours for us to all cycle through, but it was an semi-enlightening experiment. I got to read some abstracts and research papers about the entire process and found a lot of weird holes or other facts that made me cynical of the foot detox process and all it's "benefits."

Check it out if you are so inclined, but don't expect a lot, also I recommend that you go during the weekday when it is less busy or maybe get a colonCleanse if there is a wait...oh, yeah...they have one of those.

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