Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peacock feathers

5.25.10 - Mary got a bunch of beautiful peacock feathers from a friend. I love the color scheme of peacock feathers and they are so vibrant. I really envision some great jewelry and headbands that could be made from a feather or two.

I really do think I could design some cool accessories and jewelry but it's the making part of it that I'm not really into. I know what I like and I know that I often don't find stuff I love when I'm out and about shopping, so I guess I should just start making or modifying things to suit my tastes. I already do modify clothing by cutting or sewing fabric the way I like it to fit, but Jeremy always gets annoyed when I cut up a brand new shirt.

Looking at these feathers, I can see some cute earrings, a headband, maybe some bangles with a little dangling feather and a layered necklace with lots of silver coins...and a peacock feather.

Basically, I like things that: make noise, incorporate coins somehow, are shiny, mostly silver, come in vibrant colors and have cool ethnic designs that have Arabic or Sanskrit calligraphy integrated within the patterns or other such creations.

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