Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cosmos, Flirtinis, Sex and the City...2

Seven has a great rooftop bar. On a slightly cold night, this modern firepit is lovely.
5.27.10 - Mary, MJ, some other girlfriends and I went to Minneapolis to watch a midnight screening of the new Sex and the City movie. We had Cosmopolitans and Flirtinis at SEVEN, relaxed on the rooftop and enjoyed the beautiful night sky before walking across the street to Block E where we watched the second SaTC.

A Cosmopolitan.
A table filled with martinis means good times.
A Flirtini.

Okay, so the movie...Well, it was strange. It was like a weird fantasy getaway except none of it really matched the title. First of all, Abu Dhabi is so last year, and for a movie actually filmed in Morocco, they should have just rewritten the plot to go there instead, it wouldn't have made that much of a difference, and in fact, I would have preferred a lovely Marrakesh adventure to the ladies' cliche ethnic excursions.

Other than the numerous expiates (which makes sense, hello it is the UAE) in the movie, who were all pretty much treated like harem slaves in some cringe-worthy moments, there were a few holes that really were never filled, also after 6ish years of getting to know some of the other characters in the tv series, some of the men were literally reduced to one minute cameos or a ridiculous 20 minute wedding scene complete with real life Swarovski-inspired swans. Samantha's character was ridiculous unfabulous sometimes, from her hormone-crazed frenzy to humping everything on set, it was tacky.

Fashion was either a big hit or a really big miss. I did love all the snake-inspired pieces Samantha wore and in general, I like Middle Eastern prints and patterns, so I was mostly happy with how they were cut and worn. I got a huge craving for khussa's during the movie and decided I need to add to my small collection of khussa flats by buying more. I loved Carrie's market bazaar outfit. I heard that her symmetrical-cut large skirt was the delivered to famous SaTC designer, Patricia Field, as the form dummy for another skirt, so she modified it to be a real skirt and I loved it.

To SaTC's credit, I will say that this movie had more actual people of color then Prince of Persia, which after watching the credits roll on both movies, I quickly realized the only role in PoP that featured a person of color was Sir Ben Kingsly's roll, and many people don't even realize that he is half-Indian. Both movies really needed some actual Middle Eastern or Arabs in the movie, but SaTC had a few, PoP had none. Tsk tsk.

The first SaTC movie was absolutely fabulous and this one, because it didn't live up to my expectations, was...well, just less.

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