Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer fireworks

5.30.10 - MJ, Shauna and I met up at the Music in the Park in Plymouth. We walked around, listened to bands and saw fireworks...oh and we kept getting run over and separated by the hoards of middle and high schoolers who took up all the space between popping their bubble gum and saying, "like" 20 times. I know I used to be them a long time ago, but that night was so packed with way too many teeny-boopers!

I call this one "palm tree" because it kind of reminds me of one at first glance.
I didn't take any other pictures that night because I was so overwhelmed by all the people who were constantly pushing, shoving, budging and yelling. At one point the lights were turned off so the fireworks could start up and for a few minutes a bunch of kids were screaming in panic and running around. I honestly thought for a few seconds that people were going to riot and all I remember thinking was, "yikes, am I safer in the porta-potty or will it get tipped over with me inside of it!?" Everything turned out alright and I eventually got back to my spot on the grass safely after a lot of navigating the maze of people.

The silhouette of a nearby tree against a sky filled with summer fireworks.
These are my first fireworks of the summer! Very pretty. I should really look up the science to how they are made because I don't really know much about it at all. I hope you all like fireworks because the next day or so shall be packed with cool fireworks I saw.

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